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this is actually so funny lmao

I don't know what this is but the loop seems pretty cool. u think you could make me a simple loop like this for one of my songs?

Artsdam responds:

Depends on what exactly you are requesting from a first-timer such as myself, I'll consider it. 👍

So like yeah, pretty cool and funny i guess, it should totally be allowed on newgrounds but probably should be T because he kills himself lol

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pretty fun, just kinda hard on pc

Great game overall, but there are some glitches. First of all, after playing for a couple minutes, I reloaded the page. Suddenly my menu is in spanish?! also, when spamming the jump button, you can still hear jumps while not actually going anywhere. Lastly, in the menu when you first load in the game, i press the right arrow and booboo comes up a second time. slime is so cute though :)))) I love your art skills, keep creating <3

Zegrom responds:

Hi, the bug of the character selection sprite was really easy to fix, I realized it exists today at the morning :( I’m happy because you liked the game and I wish that this bug wasn’t a big problem. I also wanted to say that I don’t made all the art, I made most of them but the people eho collaborated are at the credits :D

Sorry in case of orthographic errors, english isn’t my first language [:

The music is great? I love this whole thing <3

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so if this was for a dilla contest, were you sampling something?

reminds me of mo bamba lol

CJspellsfish responds:

me too

the fact you made this in 3 days is crazy

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This is beautiful looks just like him

cool dinosaur!

wow, cool!

hi i guess
im protonic
i used to be called greyscale dex and now i cant change it cause im not a supporter 💀

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